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Clean energy solutions
for any business




As a leading LPG company, we are proud to offer our clients a holistic, one-stop shop solution that includes a wide range of industrial systems. This comprehensive service extends to the supply, installation, supply of storage tanks and maintenance of secondary storage tanks, ensuring that our clients have all their LPG needs met under one roof.

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    LPG fittings and accessories

    Apart from the distribution and repair services, at EasyGas (Malta) we also provide additional products for a complete LPG gas system at home or other premises.

    What we sell

    Gas regulators

    Available in different types, regulators deliver gas through the gas pipe at a safe working pressure to the connected appliances


    To regulate, direct and control the gas flow in the pipe to the gas-powered appliances

    Gas Manifolds

    Specific piping structures for the interconnection of two or more gas cylinder to one common supply gas pipe in large buildings


    High quality flexible plastic and copper gas hosepipes in stock

    Other products

    BBQ gas cylinders

    Portable burners

    High pressure hoses & adapters

    Small gas bottles for outdoor cooking

    Domestic heaters

    Insulation tubes & more